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International Money Transfer Index - IMTI

| Tuesday, September 20th, 2016


The FXcompared International Money Transfer Index™ (IMTI™) provides a measure of the cost of international bank-to-bank money transfers from Australia, Canada, the UK and US. The IMTI™ is now in its second year having been started in April 2015.

To find our more about our API feed or to obtain the latest quarterly report please use request form below.

"New Index Promises Greater Foreign Exchange Transparency" - Forbes

"The first detailed study of the market" - Reuters


Drive Decision Making

The IMTI™ is available to help banks, non-bank money transfer providers and customers to better understand the industry. The IMTI will make it much easier for customers to understand month-to-month pricing dynamics and make more informed decisions about moving money overseas.

Allow Cross-Country Comparisons

The IMTI™ also allows comparisons between Australia, Canada, the UK and US with more countries likely to follow.

Provide Timely Data

The FXcompared IMTI™ is updated every month. Higher frequency data is also available.

Who uses the IMTI™

Banks, money transfer providers, payments companies, credit card companies, Federal Reserve Banks, Corporates, Consultancies


To construct the IMTI™, FXcompared collects data on banks’ fees and foreign exchange (FX) margins monthly through mystery shopping on transactions of multiple sizes from modest-sized transactions to large consumer transactions (for example corresponding to USD1,000 to USD1m; see Methods). The fees and transaction costs are rebased to a common currency for ease of comparison across countries (i.e. USD1,000, USD10,000, GBP1,000 and GBP10,000). The rates banks charge customers for international money transfers are quite different across countries and across transaction sizes. Detailed methodology is here.

Press Releases

22 Mar 2016 - Britain sees sharp drop in bank charges since December, but are still 3x charges of currency specialists

19 Nov 2015 - FXcompared Launches Industry-First International Money Transfer Index™

Please contact FXcompared if you would like more information on the full dataset and licensing opportunities at IMTI@fxcompared.com. A summary report and dataset can be requested using the form below.

IMTI™ Summary Report Request Form

Thank you for your interest in FXcompared Intelligence and the IMTI™ report. Please fill out all fields marked with asterisks in the form below to be able to receive a free summary report. The latest quarterly report was published in September 2016.

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