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  • Veem, which is a provider of solutions for the online money transfer market, has confirmed that it will offer customers a new range of products relating to collection and invoicing.
  • It said that clients will be able to use the services in 40 currencies from around the world and will have a choice of methods – including their Veem Wallet, credit cards, bank accounts and more.
  • “We’ve released Veem Invoicing and Veem Collections, to provide a centralized, single solution that is specially made to fit the back office needs of small businesses,” said a spokesperson for the firm.

Veem, a provider of online money transfer solutions, has confirmed that it will roll out a new array of products to its customers.

Veem said that it will offer extra invoice and collection functions to small and medium-sized businesses through its Veem Invoicing and Veem Collections services.

The new suite of services will help customers to both receive money and settle bills.

They will be able to do this in local currencies from 40 markets around the world.

The firm said that this would reduce the amount of friction involved in the process, and would include no-fee payments in the client’s own country.

Those who are using the service to pay will be able to do so using their Veem Wallet, or via other useful methods such as cheques, credit cards and bank accounts.

The service can also be integrated with the accountancy software QuickBooks.

In a statement, a senior figure at Veem explained that businesses of this size face several roadblacks when it comes to the management of payment needs.

Jeff Revoy, Veem’s chief growth officer, added that this applied both domestically and internationally.

“Whether it’s billing, collections, payments or cash flow management, small and medium businesses face a flurry of challenges when managing their domestic and global payment needs,” he said.

He went on to say that the new service would help by offering a single solution.

“That is why we’ve released Veem Invoicing and Veem Collections, to provide a centralized, single solution that is specially made to fit the back office needs of small businesses.”

Press coverage of the new development also focused, in part, on the experience of clients so far.

Benjamin Wood, the chief executive officer and founder of the firm Angora, said that the new offering by Veem had helped his firm.

“Over the last few years, my company has relied on Veem to provide us with an all-in-one payments platform to conduct business quickly and seamlessly,” he said.

He added that Veem was filling a gap in the market.

“There has been a blank space in the marketplace for a platform with free invoicing and collection offerings, which is why we are thrilled about the rollout of Veem’s new suite.”

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