Veem announces new partnership with Cin7

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  • Strategic partnership with inventory management platform
  • Cross-border payments facilitated in 60 countries

International money transfers platform Veem, the first remittance solutions provider to use blockchain, has just announced a new partnership with integrated inventory software pioneer Cin7. This is a move that many Aussie entrepreneurs will welcome as it will help them keep track of inventory from multiple vendors as well as pinpointing who has (and hasn’t) been paid.

Cin7’s software integrates all channels, third-party logistics and warehouses while delivering automated fulfilment. The new partnership will enable users to make cross-border payments online to their suppliers in 60 countries by harnessing the Veem international payments network.

Wholesalers and retailers will be aware that this is no mean feat: managing inventory can be incredibly challenging. Cin7 enables inventory management from anywhere in real-time. Until now, it was required for users to leave the app to pay vendors. With the Veem partnership, however, anyone using its inventory management solution can make payments simply and smoothly without leaving the app at all.

As Veem’s Vice President of Business Development Oliver Veyrac explains: “When managing inventory from multiple vendors, it can be difficult for business owners to keep track of who has been paid and who hasn’t. When you have to leave the app you’re using to make that payment the opportunity for error increases. By adding payment capabilities to the PO and Inventory system, it cuts down on time and stress when managing multiple vendors.”

Cin7’s Director of Product Jason Glover said that many of his firm’s customers had requested streamlined, simplified payment capabilities when managing their inventory. He added: “Veem, already global payments experts, makes it easy to add a payment button to our app.”

Recently, Veem opened the API to developers, inviting them to build on it and include business payment capabilities on any application. The API is accessible to all industries, from crowdfunding sites to marketplaces, inventory tools to outsourcing solutions, accounting software to just about anyone who needs a straightforward, easy solution for paying and getting paid.

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Nigel Frith
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