TransferGo extends its service times in Eastern Europe

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  • Firm set to expand its “Today” and “Now” services in four emerging European markets, with extended hours for weekends and daytimes
  • TransferGo set to build on existing high customer base in the region by offering more flexibility
  • “Launching today’s and now’s services has been a form of responding to the need of our customers to make the transfers at the earliest, safest and cost effective", says senior TransferGo figure


A major cross-border payments firm has announced that it will offer longer time periods to those looking to send remittances in a number of major Eastern European economies.

TransferGo says that both its “Today” and its “Now” services will be available for some hours over the weekend. It will now run from 10am until 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

The changes will come into effect in four important economies in Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Latvia, Romania and Lithuania.

TransferGo will also offer longer hours during the week, with customers now able to access the service for more than four hours.

This is likely to have an effect on the business to business transactions which customers ca engage in, as well as consumer-level ones.

TransferGo already has a large remittance services customer base in the region.

At the outset of 2019, it said that it had a transaction base of up to 1.25 billion euros in 2018 – and out of that, 100 million euros were sent to Romania.

In a statement, TransferGo’s Head of Growth Transfer Marius Nedelcu said that the move would mean transfers could occur in the “earliest, safest and cost effective” way.

“Over time, we noticed that for our users the flexibility of the transfer service is very important – it can send money quickly, anytime. This also applies to users in Romania”, he said.

“That’s why launching today’s and now’s services has been a form of responding to the need of our customers to make the transfers at the earliest, safest and cost effective."

He added that the demand for the move had been largely stimulated by user demand, and that the firm was choosing to respond to feedback.

“We are glad that now we can extend the accessibility of the two services in the evening and at the weekend, two intervals requested by the users, so we will make the first steps to provide all our services in the system 24/7 to all users”, he said.

TransferGo was set up by four people who have Lithuanian heritage, and as a result it has been very popular in the country since it launched in 2015.

It has a site in Vilnius as well as a headquarters in London – and offices in Berlin, Warsaw and the Turkish city of Istanbul.

In terms of financial transactions, it operates in almost fifty nations across the globe. It claims to have over one million customers on its books, and a TrustPilot rating of 96% five star reviews.

It describes itself as a “real-time, free international money transfer for individuals and SMEs”.

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