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  • Thunes, which is a key business-to-business payments provider working in many key markets around the world, has revealed two major new hires.
  • Sunil Sabharwal, who previously represented the US government at the International Monetary Fund, will be the first to join the board of directors.
  • Ali Mazanderani, who used to chair the firm SaltPay, will also join – and will serve an important role on the firm’s Strategy Committee.

International money transfers company Thunes has announced two major new appointments designed to help the business-to-business payments firm grow.

Thunes, which is based in Singapore but has offices across the globe, said that it had appointed Sunil Sabharwal to its board of directors.

Sabharwal will chair the firm’s Audit and Regulatory Committee as well as sitting on its general board of directors.

Sabharwal has a history of working at prestigious firms and organisations in the finance sector.

He previously served as the US Alternate Executive Director to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In this capacity, he would vote on behalf of the US government when key decisions at the IMF were being taken.

He has also worked with firms such as Ingenico (which was previously known as Ogone) as well as GE Capital.

He has also worked in the field of financial technology, or fintech, and has specific experience in investment and company growth. 

In a press statement, Sabharwal expressed his hopes for his time at Thunes.

He specifically singled out the firm’s work in addressing the challenges of payments in emerging markets as something that he was looking forward to.

“I have great admiration for Thunes’ vision and work in solving cross-border payments challenges in the emerging markets of the world,” he was quoted as saying.

“I am honoured to join their Board, and I look forward to working closely with them,” he added.

In a second appointment, Ali Mazanderani will also take up a role on the firm’s board.

Mazanderani is a former chair of the firm SaltPay, which he also helped to set up.

At Thunes, he will chair the Strategy Committee as well as sitting on the general board.

Mazanderani also sounded positive in a statement to the press.

He emphasised his belief that Thunes’ leadership would stand the firm in good stead as time goes on.

“Thunes’ unique solutions and robust leadership will transform how the world moves money across borders, and it is exciting to play a part in this,” he added.

Thunes has quickly become a big name in financial services in recent years.

The company’s target market is corporations and companies such as banks, and it helps them to work more effectively in developing economies.

It operates in over 100 nations around the world, and offers 60 currencies.

As well as its headquarters in Singapore, it has a variety of regional offices in London, Shanghai and elsewhere.

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