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  • Thunes, which is a leading payments financial technology company, has announced that it will be bringing a series of new hires on board at senior vice president level to help drive the firm’s business forward.
  • The new hires will work in senior roles in markets such as Africa, the Middle East, and more.
  • “We have been ramping up our efforts to piece together a best-in-class team and solidify our leadership globally,” said a senior spokesperson for the firm.

Thunes, which is a leading name in the international money transfer sphere, has confirmed that it will bring on board a series of new executives across the world to help drive its business goals forward.

Thunes, a payments financial technology firm working around the world and based in Singapore, said that it had taken on four new executives.

They will work in a series of key markets for the company, including the Middle East and Africa.

In addition, they will work in environments such as China and the Americas.

One of the new hires will be Jenna Wyer, who will take on the role of senior vice president for the Americas and will be based in the US.

There will also be equivalent people hired in other regions of the globe.

These will include Simon Nelson, who will take on the SVP role in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Biren Zandani, meanwhile, will become SVP for Asia Pacific (APAC) and will work out of Singapore.

Daphne Huang will become SVP for Greater China.

In a statement, the company’s chief commercial officer said that the company wanted a “best-in-class” team.

Aik Boon Tan said that the firm had been seeking opportunities to make its leadership team as strong as possible.

“We have been ramping up our efforts to piece together a best-in-class team and solidify our leadership globally,” he explained.

He went on to say that the firm was now ready to accept and face up to further challenges.

“The company is now in a position to take on new challenges with an expanded leadership team,” he said.

He pointed out that the company was in possession of a number of top-tier regional SVPs now that the hires had been finalised.

“We have added four highly talented regional Senior Vice Presidents (SVPs) to complement the strong leadership we already have in Africa and Europe, who together will accelerate our growth of Thunes across the different regions where we operate.”

He also explained the equality and diversity impact of the new hires.

“And I’m glad to highlight that half of our global SVPs now are women, as diversity in the workplace can only strengthen us as a company,” he said.

Thunes is just one of many firms working in the cross-border payments industry – to discover more about what they are all up to, just head over to this page and read some of our reviews.

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