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  • SellersFunding, which offers a variety of useful financial services to e-commerce sellers across the globe, specialises in working capital provision.
  • It will work alongside the software provider Helium 10 to provide users with more options when it comes to managing their business finances and ensuring that they can meet their obligations.
  • The features offered to e-commerce sellers in the newly combined arrangement will include integration with tax payment functions, currency conversion and much more.

A major fintech provider in the US operating in the e-commerce space has confirmed that it will work alongside software provider Helium 10.

SellersFunding is going to collaborate with Helium 10 to enhance its financial service product offer for sellers on the website Amazon.

Helium 10 provides a centralised software package to these merchants, and the new arrangement will enhance this product offering.

The assistance that SellersFunding provides to Helium 10 will mean that Amazon merchant end users will be able to more easily acquire working capital designed to help them take their businesses to the next level.

The current software package also means that sellers can accept incoming cross-border payments from Amazon marketplaces around the world.

A currency conversion facility is also included in the system, and it is possible for supplier payments to be settled either at home or further afield.

Finally, there is also an option for tax payments – such as Value Added Tax or General Sales Tax – to be administrated from within the platform.

SellersFunding describes itself as a financial platform developer, and is known for specialising in e-commerce ‘marketplace’ selling in particular – offering working capital, cash flow assistance and more.

In statements to the press, senior figures at both firms emphasised the benefits that the new collaboration would bring.

John Gjeldum, who serves as the vice president of product at Helium 10, said that he understood the unusual situation that many e-commerce merchants found themselves in when it comes to cash flow and more.

“We know e-commerce sellers have unique financial needs when building their businesses, whether it’s providing access to capital, helping improve cash flow, navigating the expansion to new geographies or enabling payments to suppliers worldwide,” he said.

He added that his firm was looking forward to giving merchants the chance to improve their business prospects.

“Alta by Helium 10 is an all-in-one platform built specifically for today’s seller. Helium 10 is excited to continue to support our customers and provide solutions to accelerate their growth,” he said.

Ricardo Pero, who is the chief executive officer of SellersFunding, expressed a similar view.

“Our goal is to collaborate with world-class e-commerce platforms and partners like Helium 10 to make running an Amazon store as easy and efficient as possible,” he added.

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