Scotiabank to help older people with money transfers


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  • The firm will launch a resource called “Bank Your Way”, designed to provide information to older people about digital banks in an accessible way
  • Designed to coincide with the celebration of “Senior’s month”, which takes place in June in various locations in Canada
  • “We encourage all our customers to visit Bank Your Way to get online and learn about all the tools and advice available to them”, said a senior figure at the Bank

Scotiabank, a major bank in Canada, has announced the launch of a new tool designed to help older people in the country and those new to online banking with their online money transfers and carrying out other bank transactions from the safety of their home.

Bank Your Way, which is a resource and information hub, has been designed by the bank to assist anyone needing to pick up the skills of digital banking but with seniors in particular in mind.

It will be possible for customers to learn about basic banking tasks such as finding out their current balance.

It will also be able to advise on how to move cash from one account to another, and both make and accept transfers using Scotiabank’s Interac e-Transfers service.

Scotiabank has also taken steps to assist customers in the challenges relating specifically to the coronavirus pandemic.

The company reports that it has prioritised incoming support calls from senior customers looking for assistance over the phone.

This development is part of “Senior’s month”, an initiative in a number of Canadian provinces which aims to “celebrate the contribution of seniors in our communities”, the bank said in a press release.

According to Dan Rees, who serves as the group head of Canadian banking at Scotiabank, the move reflects the “extra effort” that the firm is going to in order to help its older customers.

"Scotiabank recognizes the role communities play in keeping our seniors healthy and engaged, so we're taking extra effort to support them through our COVID-19 response actions”, he said.

"We've launched Bank Your Way as an additional way to support seniors, and all our customers, become more comfortable with banking without having to leave home”, he added.

Mr. Rees also encouraged customers to visit the Bank Your Way portal to find out more about the available tools and advice.

Ahmad Dajani, who is the seniors champion at Scotiabank, added that the pandemic was an important opportunity for the bank to be “streamlining service” for older customers.

"Streamlining service for seniors is a top priority, particularly during COVID-19”, he said.

"Within Bank Your Way, we've launched added features to help seniors feel more comfortable with all the ways we keep their personal banking information safe.”

“We're also prioritizing service for seniors and other vulnerable customers and our Advisors are available for phone appointments, to provide customized advice when our customers need it”, he added.

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