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  • Rapyd, which is based in London, is a fintech service firm with an online money transfer focus.
  • It has hired two key new members of staff – LeAnne Hoang, who will serve as chief risk and compliance officer, and Robert MacColl, who will become head of network partnerships.
  • Both new hires said that they were looking forward to their new jobs, with Hoang saying that she was “thrilled to be joining a team that offers businesses direct access to global markets”.

Online money transfer and fintech service company Rapyd has revealed the hiring of two new staff members.

Rapyd, which is based in London, has hired a new head of network partnerships and a new chief risk and compliance officer.

The new head of network partnerships, Robert MacColl, has worked in the financial services sector for over two decades.

He has been both a consultant and an in-house professional, according to the company.

His specialisms include increasing payments innovation, and he previously worked at Silicon Valley Bank and Cross River Bank.

He has extensive experience when it comes to working on application programming interface (API) solution development.

In a statement, MacColl emphasised the importance of building strategic relationships.

“Strategic relationships between financial institutions, from banks to payment processors to fintechs, are the lifeblood of the industry, fueling new initiatives and dynamic services that propel the industry forward,” he said.

He went on to add that Rapyd was at a big turning point – and that he was joining at the right time.

“It is exciting to join Rapyd at such a major junction, where forging major partnerships in different localities will drive substantial impact and growth for the company,” he added.

LeAnne Hoang will also join the firm as chief risk and compliance officer.

Hoang launched her career by working at Cross River Bank, where she was involved in developing the Banking as a Service division.

She also has more than two decades experience.

In her statement, she said that she was “thrilled” about her new role – and explained some of the benefits that Rapyd can offer its customers.

“I am thrilled to be joining a team that offers businesses direct access to global markets and removes the challenges of managing local compliance across multiple markets,” she said.

She added that Rapyd could reduce the amount of time that firms have to spend on compliance and other related tasks.

“Rapyd allows businesses to focus on their core services while we navigate much of the risk and compliance issues on their behalf,” she said.

Rapyd works as a digital fintech services platform and allows customers to make orders for money and foreign exchange pairs.

It also allows cash to be transferred between friends and offers a range of additional services such as fund disbursements.

It used to be known as CashDash but has since been rebranded.

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