Moneycorp appoints Bob Dowd as CEO

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  • Moneycorp global chief Mark Hogan is “delighted” to have Bob Dowd onboard
  • Dowd has the skills to strengthen the company's market presence in North America, according to insiders
  • Moneycorp’s US office now has two managing directors

Foreign exchange and international payments company Moneycorp has a new Chief Executive Officer for its North American operation and the brand is excited to have him onboard. Bob Dowd is a senior operating and payments executive who specialises in strategic partnerships, market penetration, acquisition, business restructuring, and business process re-engineering, according to insiders. Dowd’s appointment came after the firm successfully acquired and integrated Commonwealth Foreign Exchange (CFE). CFE was integrated into Moneycorp’s existing operations in the United States.

According to reports, Dowd will be working on the firm’s market presence in the region as it plays a crucial role in the brand’s expansion strategy. Moneycorp has regional offices in Asia, the Middle East and South America.

“I’m thrilled to be joining moneycorp, and honoured to be part of such a talented, passionate and dedicated team. I look forward to leading our North American business into its next phase and a new level of performance”, Dowd said.

Dowd used to be the Senior Vice President for North America at Currency Exchange International. Prior to his work as SVP, Dowd also held leadership roles at Cambridge Global Payments and Travelex. The cross-border payments expert will be reporting to Mark Hogan, the firm’s global chief.

“Bob’s timely appointment marks the next stage in Moneycorp’s story for North America. Having successfully united our global operations on a single digital platform, we require a strong and experienced leadership team to leverage this momentum”, Hogan said during an interview about Dowd’s appointment.

Hogan is “delighted” that Dowd decided to join Moneycorp. The company's global chief also said that Dowd has an outstanding reputation and that his experience in the industry will help the brand pursue its expansion goals. Hogan noted that apart from further geographic expansion, Moneycorp also wants to ensure that it maintains the “exceptional service” that the company provides to its clients. Based on Dowd’s resume, the latter is also among his many specialties.

Apart from Bob Dowd, two new members joined the executive team as well. Moneycorp says that Tejus Oza and Thomas Anderson will be co-managing directors in the firm’s US operation. Anderson was already a part of Commonwealth Foreign Exchange before Moneycorp acquired the company in 2018. He worked as Head of Structured Solutions for Commonwealth Foreign Exchange in the year 2009 and has 25 years of experience under his belt. Oza, on the other hand, started working for Moneycorp in 2005. He played an important role in integrating Commonwealth Foreign Exchange.

Bob Dowd’s appointment marks a new beginning for Moneycorp’s North American operations, according to experts, as the company is currently concentrating on strengthening its base in the region. It has been noted by experts that Moneycorp’s aggressiveness in pursuing partnerships and acquiring other companies will contribute to its steady growth. Find out more about Moneycorp and its services by reading our review.


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