InVintory unveils luxurious tier for managing wine collections


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  •  InVintory, the premier wine collection management app, has announced the release of its new luxury tier, Opus.
  • This new luxury tier allows collectors to access an advanced wine collection management platform that takes care of all the logistics and organisation.
  • Wealthy wine collectors who wish to purchase this service should utilise safe modes of money transfer when making payments.

InVintory, a leading provider of luxury wine collection management solutions, has recently unveiled a new addition to its product line – Opus. With a focus on personalised, interactive wine cellar models, InVintory is revolutionising the way that wine enthusiasts manage and showcase their collections.

InVintory is designed to help wine collectors streamline and simplify the management of their collections. Established in 2018 as a freemium subscription mobile app by a retired physician turned wine collector, this leading platform has been making waves in the world of wine collection management with the goal of simplifying the complexities of collecting.

InVintory has now unveiled its newest high-end tier, Opus, which prioritises wine collection management, with its proprietary 3D technology aiming to allow collectors the freedom to focus on enjoying high-end wines.

Luxury wine enthusiasts and high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) wanting to experience the ultimate luxury in managing their collections will need access to a secure money transfer service.

The innovative concept of Opus combines the convenience of a smart home solution with the sophistication of a high-end wine collection management system that utilises custom 3D models and an iPad interface to easily locate and manage bottles with a simple tap.

This platform allows customers can navigate their wine cellar, locate specific bottles and gain insights into the value of their collection. Opus also offers stackable 3D wooden cases and humidity and temperature sensors, with the platform’s seamless experience being further enhanced by the assistance of certified wine experts and sommeliers.

According to Jeff Daiter, co-founder and CEO of InVintory, Opus is the result of valuable feedback from the firm’s existing customers, making him confident in its success in 2023 and in the years to come.

Founded by father and son duo Jeff and Josh Daiter, this innovative solution for wine collectors was started due to a personal need to track and find bottles in Jeff’s wine cellar and has now evolved into a thriving company with three products: Aspire, Prestige and Opus.

The free Aspire tier provides essential features to help customers create custom tags, scan labels and catalogue desired bottles, while Prestige offers advanced technology, including advanced analytics and a 3D cellar replica.

With the recent launch of Opus, clients can enjoy customisable interactive cellar renderings. International HNWIs wishing to purchase this high-end wine management service should research safe methods of making international payments.

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