GLN International announces partnership with Liquid Group


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  • GLN International has announced that it has paired up with Liquid Group as part of a new push to help customers enjoy an enhanced international payments process.
  • Users of GLN’s digital wallet services will now be able to make mobile payments in Singapore thanks to the services provided by Liquid Group.
  • “Mobile and contactless have become the new norm. In the anticipation of increased international travel when the world reopens, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Liquid Group,” said a spokesperson for GLN.

GLN International – an international money transfer and payment network – has confirmed that it will work alongside a partner company to boost its offer to customers.

The company, which works to encourage better cross-border payments via mobile phone applications and digital wallets, will pair up with Liquid Group.

The move means that GLN’s digital wallet users will now find themselves able to place mobile payments in Singapore.

These will be powered by Liquid Group, and the customers in question will be offered top exchange rates.

The new arrangement is set to kick in just as travel rules change to permit quarantine-free travel for those moving between Singapore and South Korea.

In a statement, Jeremy Tan – who is the founder and chief executive officer of Liquid Group – said that his company was looking forward to working together with GLN.

He went on to say that the removal of a mandatory quarantine for travellers was a “major milestone” and that the company would be getting started with the new arrangement quickly.

“We are excited to collaborate with GLN to roll out the cross-border acceptance of their member wallets,” he said.

“The start of quarantine-free travel is a major milestone, and with the expected gradual resumption of leisure travel in Asia over the next 12 months, we look forward to cooperating with GLN in the various markets shortly.” 

For GLN, meanwhile, the chief executive emphasised the fact that contactless payments were now perfectly normal in the country.

June Seong Han said that the current move was taking place as part of a push before “the world reopens” through a return to the normal days of international travel.

“Mobile and contactless have become the new norm. In the anticipation of increased international travel when the world reopens, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Liquid Group.”

Han also pointed out that one particular benefit of the new arrangement will be that customers will be able to make such payments in a “hassle-free” way.

“This partnership will enable the users of domestic and overseas member wallets to make cross-border payments hassle-free with the existing applications they have been using.

“This will serve as a great opportunity for GLN and Liquid Group to grow their mutual footprint across the continent and beyond by providing a new service and expanding markets,” Han concluded.

The cross-border payments world is ever-changing – to find out more about it and how it works, just head to this link and read some reviews.

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