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  • Finastra set to work alongside Buckzy, a Canadian payments platform with a range of integration options
  • Customers will be able to develop their own white-labelled payment platforms thanks to the new partnership, which will be powered by Finastra’s system
  • “Buckzy’s innovative technology is exactly the kind we need to help our financial institution clients facilitate real-time cross border payments for their customers”, said Finastra spokesperson

Leading financial technology company Finastra has said that it will pair up with a Canadian partner to improve access to white-labelled cross border payments services for its corporate customers.

Finastra said that it intends to work alongside Buckzy Payments, which is an online money transfer platform, as part of the move.

Finastra’s Fusion Global PAYplus system will be integrated into the instantaneous international money transfer service offered by Buckzy.

This collaboration will occur by using Finastra’s system.

For those who subscribe to the Global PAYplus service offered by Finastra, the new service will represent a chance to develop their very own payment service.

There will be a chance for clients to white-label the service, and also to make changes which help them adapt it to their own requirements.

Moving money from place to place is a key part of Buckzy’s offer, making it an ideal companion for Finastra’s goals.

The Buckzy system can see money transfers take place right away, significantly reducing the amount of time lag compared to some other providers.

It also comes with the option of integrating with banks too, as well as other financial services providers.

Representatives of both companies were positive about the new partnership and struck an optimistic note in public statements.

According to Finastra’s GM Sagive Greenspan, the integration with Buckzy will happen “quickly and efficiently”.

“Buckzy’s innovative technology is exactly the kind we need to help our financial institution clients facilitate real-time cross border payments for their customers”, he said.

“This is an issue that so many banks have been struggling to solve on their own and if we can help them fast-track a cross border real-time payments offering to their clients it will be extremely beneficial.

“Through our collaboration and platform we will be able to integrate all of our customers into Buckzy quickly and efficiently”, he added.

For Buckzy, chief business development officer CK Semlani added that the service for customers would be “faster” and that people “all over the world” would benefit from the new combined offer.

“Joining forces with Finastra allows us to work with a world class company to rapidly expand our financial institution customer base through a single, seamless, integrated platform”, Semlani said.

“Ultimately, this will mean faster, more convenient service for customers all over the world.”

Innovative companies like these are working hard to ensure maximum access to online money transfer services around the world.

Don’t miss out on learning more about them: check out our magazine pages here.

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