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  • Contis, which offers payments solutions to a variety of customers, will work with UK-based Ordo to improve its offer.
  • The pair’s commitment to bespoke solutions will mean improved features such as cash transfer to contacts, management of credit and loans, and much more.
  • A spokesperson for Contis said that these tools were sorely needed due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic – and that the company was used to pairing up with others to provide better services.

One of Europe’s major payment provision firms has announced a new pairing with a financial technology company in the UK.

Contis, which has won awards for its payment product services, will now work alongside FCA-regulated Ordo, which is also in the payments space and has backing from the financial institution Nationwide.

Contis customers are the ones likely to primarily benefit from the new development.

The collaboration will mean that more than 800,000 Contis bank account holders will have the chance to enjoy improved payment experiences.

It will be easier for customers to organise and pay off credit, and there will also be a function allowing bills to be paid by multiple people.

Online money transfer from one contact to another will also be made possible.

Some of the new benefits will come as a result of Contis’ ‘Principal’ status with the major card provider Visa, which enables it to create business-to-business card payment pathways.

However, Contis does retain its capacity to run its operations in the cloud, and to create custom systems that are built around the client’s needs.

According to a press statement, the new collaboration with Ordo will mean that firms now have even more capacity to provide customised solutions.

A senior figure at the firm also shared some more information about what the new partnership would offer – including “instant remittances”.

Peter Cox, who serves as the chief executive officer of Contis and also set up the business, added that the company was “delighted” to now have Ordo on board as a partner.

“We’re delighted to partner with Ordo to bring instant remittances and automatic reconciliation to businesses and account holders alike,” he said.

He also added that the impact of the pandemic means that customers were looking for speedy and safe cash transfer options.

“At a time when finances are tight for many, the benefits of quick and secure digital money transfer are especially welcome,” he explained.

He pointed out that this is far from the first time that Contis has paired up with another firm in order to improve the experience offered to customers.

“This is the latest in a long run of Contis innovations and updates, recently including Buffer ‘secondary authorisation’ technology and international payments with Currencycloud,” he added.

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