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  • New tool, called a Cegid-CITCON CPOS Connector, will allow Cegid’s customers to use Alipay, WeChat Pay and several others – and will offer other POS services too
  • The key sectors of focus for the collaboration are set to be fashion, beauty and luxury
  • “We pride ourselves on providing an easy-to-integrate solution to merchants and help them connect with millions of consumers worldwide and drive business growth”, said CITCON spokesperson

An international money transfer platform has revealed a brand new partnership with the commerce site Cegid.

CITCON, which is a mobile payment and marketing software package, will work alongside commerce software package provider Cegid as a result of the new partnership.

The new arrangement will see point of sale management tools be offered to those who work in the luxury, fashion and beauty industry.

It will now be possible for those who use Cegid’s systems, such as Cegid Retail Y2 and Cegid Retail’s mPOS, to benefit from access to a wide range of China-based QR mobile payments services.

These include UnionPay QR, Alipay and WeChat Pay.

It is expected that this will help drive revenue levels and will also simplify the payment systems in place in the actual store.

The new tool will be called a Cegid-CITCON CPOS Connector, and it is expected to be able to be used in 75 nations around the world.

In a sign that those behind the partnership are aiming for mass uptake, it will also be provided in over 25 languages.

In addition to payment processing assistance, the new software will also be able to help with other aspects of the point of sale process – such as customer relationship management, business intelligence and more.

The new partnership looks set to be a wise move for the two firms, especially given that the value of the global mobile payments sector looks set to hit $2.1tn by 2023.

In a statement, the head of retail for Cegid – Nathalie Echinard – said that the firm was “excited” about the new QR-focused partnership.

“We are excited about our new partnership with CITCON”, she said.

“The growth of the QR-based mobile payments points to the imperative for merchants to develop and continually refresh sound payments strategies in order to remain competitive in a market being reshaped by technology, new competition, and customer demands”, she added.

For CITCON, Wei Jiang – who is the firm’s COO and president – said the firm was proud to offer an “easy-to-integrate solution”.

“Discerning consumers are looking for unparalleled service that makes them feel rewarded, recognized, and inspired no matter where they are in the world”, he said.

“We pride ourselves on providing an easy-to-integrate solution to merchants and help them connect with millions of consumers worldwide and drive business growth.”

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