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  • Adyen said that it would work with Autocanteen, which offers a touch-free checkout service of restaurant diners in five locations worldwide, according to a press report.
  • The new partnership will mean that customers can pay in their preferred currency.
  •  “Consumers have become more accustomed to using technology that enhances the dining experience across the hospitality sector, whether that’s using new ways to pay or self-ordering at the table by using apps,” said a senior figure at Adyen.

Adyen, a provider of financial technology services, has announced that it will join forces with self-checkout solution provider Autocanteen for the hospitality sector.

This solution improves efficiency in the sector and gives those dining out at restaurants and similar settings the chance to pay without disruption.

According to a press report, Adyen will now work with Autocanteen on fast money transfers in five locations around the world.

The arrangement will see Adyen offer Autocanteen local acquiring capacities. This, in turn, will allow customers to pay in the currency that they want to use.

Adyen will also give Autocanteen what it needs to comprehend regional payment laws, and it will also help reinforce positive cash flow procedures.

The ultimate goal is to help Autocanteen boost its global growth. Colin Neil, the Managing Director of Adyen UK, said that customer experience was central to those operating in the hospitality sector. He also mentioned that speed and efficiency were important too.

“The customer experience is at the heart of good hospitality, and Autocanteen is an innovative company that allows the industry to provide an efficient, speedy service so customers can get on and enjoy their food,” he added.

“Together, our solutions further remove friction at the checkout,” he said.

And he added that customers were getting increasingly used to the world of technology in the way they had their interactions in restaurants.

“Consumers have become more accustomed to using technology that enhances the dining experience across the hospitality sector, whether that’s using new ways to pay or self-ordering at the table by using apps,” he explained.

Autocanteen Co-Founder and Managing Director Sergii Khomenko said that “speed and convenience” were necessary.

“Speed and convenience are everything to us at Autocanteen. Working with Adyen allows us to build on this, making sure our payments process is completely frictionless,” he said.

And he went on further, pointing out that “delight” was also important to customers.

“We believe the sector needs to continue on its digital transformation journey, shortening queues but also surprise and delight consumers with efficient, new ways of purchasing goods,” he explained in remarks to the press.

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