Azimo unveils new money transfer service to China

Azimo, the London-headquartered cross-border payments disrupter to traditional international money transfer services, has launched a new international service which will allow people living in 24 European countries to send money to individual bank accounts in China.
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Will Western Union start using Ripple’s XRP?

Cryptocurrency and international money transfers platform Ripple has achieved several business coups of late, with Saudi Arabia’s central bank and LianLian International using its systems for live transactions. Yet the biggest name to date to join hands with the fintech startup, Western Union, is staying cautiously in the testing phase. Will it jump into live use mode any time soon? The answer, it seems, may lie with Ripple itself.
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Lianlian Pay delivers with real time transfers to China

Lianlian Pay announces real time money transfers to China following a partnership with Ripple. Same day transactions reduce the risk for investors, businesses and consumers making urgent or large money transfers. Keep your transfers as cost effective as possible and carry out transactions with a money transfer provider.
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Why Western Union decided against implementing cryptocurrency

With numerous platforms for crypto money transfers such as Moneygram and Flywire available, as well big banks experimenting with Ripple payments, many have begun to wonder when Western Union might do the same. However, it has been revealed that Western Union has decided to say no to cryptocurrencies and will not be implementing them any time soon.
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Smart Aussies make big savings sending money abroad by using a money transfer provider

Transferwise launches its borderless account with a debit card and in a recently commissioned research report, identified that Aussies are unaware of the full costs involved in sending money abroad OFX also found in a study that customer stuck with transferring money through their bank because they didn’t think that the savings on offer would be significant enough Savings can run into thousands of dollars when making large international money transfers by partnering with a money transfer company
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Aussie taxi giant Cabcharge to accept payments through Alipay

Australian taxi firm Cabcharge has announced that it will accept ride fees from mobile and online payments platform Alipay, capitalising on the fast-rising number of Chinese tourists visiting the country. The new deal will enable Cabcharge to accept Alipay through payment terminals installed in its 20,000-plus fleet of taxis.
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