Amsterdam fintech Sprinque receives close to €2m in funding


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  • Sprinque, which offers business-to-business (B2B) online money transfers through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, has announced a new round of fundraising – bringing the company’s total raised to €1.8m.
  • Volta Ventures and Force Over Mass are two companies that have joined the funding round.
  • “Volta understood the opportunity right from the start, and with Force Over Mass, we have partners experienced in the B2B and fintech field and with an international portfolio,” said a senior figure at Sprinque.

Sprinque, a financial technology company based in Amsterdam, has raised close to €2m in funding.

The company, which offers B2B online money transfers through a SaaS model, said that it had secured €1.7m.

It received its initial funding from Antler Amsterdam back in January of this year.

The value of that investment was understood to be around €100,000.

This means that the company has now received total funding of €1.8m.

Press reports say that Sprinque has now received major boosts from firms such as Force Over Mass and Volta Ventures.

A variety of senior industry figures and angel investors were also involved in the latest round of funding. 

Gaston Aussems, the former chief executive officer of Mollie, was one such investor.

Rainer Majcen, who was previously the chief executive officer of Finance BPO, was also on the list.

It is understood that the funding will be put towards the building of the Sprinque product.

It is also believed that the company will now start onboarding a number of clients who are currently on its waiting list.

In a statement, the firm’s co-founder Mark Holleman said that the team had originally been connected by Antler, the initial funder.

Holleman went on to praise the latest investors for their depth of understanding and their experience.

“The complementary skill set, brought together by Antler, is what makes this team of founders a great match for investors,” he said.

“Volta understood the opportunity right from the start, and with Force Over Mass, we have partners experienced in the B2B and fintech field and with an international portfolio.”

He went on to say that the company intended to move quickly now that the additional funding was in place.

“Speed is of the essence now,” he said. “We’re facing a blue ocean full of opportunity. With this funding, we can conquer a large part of the vast open space ahead of us.”

Juan Espinosa, an additional co-founder of the business, shed some light on the target figures that the firm is aiming for.

“We’re aiming to grow to process €100M in payment transactions next year,” he said.

Sprinque was only founded in 2021, meaning that its trajectory has been one of rapid growth.

It was set up by Holleman, Espinosa and Manoj Tutika.

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