Airwallex announces venture capital fund


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  • Airwallex, an international money transfer and payments-focused financial technology company, has confirmed that it will run its own venture capital fund called Capital 49.
  • Capital 49 will invest in companies across a range of sectors, including fintechs and software as a service (SaaS) firms.
  • “We are committed to invest in and foster the growth of tech-enabled companies, particularly at a time where there is huge appetite for innovative solutions to enhance business efficiencies,” said a senior figure at Airwallex.

Airwallex, a leading international money transfer fintech company, has announced a new venture capital fund.

Capital 49 is being described as an early-stage venture capital fund, and the company aims to invest in firms that are already within the Airwallex ecosystem.

It is understood that Airwallex will target a range of businesses, including fintech firms, and has apparently already invested in two such businesses already.

It will also target other companies with a payments dimension, including the e-commerce sector.

Additionally, Airwallex plans to move into the software as a service (SaaS) sector.

Airwallex was set up six years ago.

It is based in Melbourne and has a wide portfolio of services on its books, including foreign currency accounts.

Customers can use it to accept payment methods in their own locality.

It offers end-to-end services for customers in a range of areas, including business accounts and value-added solutions.

The firm has also received significant capital investment of its own in recent years.

Earlier in 2021, the company confirmed that it had raised around US$100m as part of its Series D extension.

It is currently valued well above US$2bn.

In a statement, Jack Zhang, the co-founder and chief executive of Airwallex, said that the company was “excited” about revealing the news.

Zhang, who is also a founder of Capital 49, added that the company had seen the requirement for companies to develop a “technological advantage”.

“We are so excited to share the news of our new fund,” he said.

“As part of the fintech and start-up ecosystem, we have consistently observed that a clear technological advantage is incredibly important for a business to stand out from the competition.

“That is why we are committed to invest in and foster the growth of tech-enabled companies, particularly at a time where there is huge appetite for innovative solutions to enhance business efficiencies”.

He went on to say that the firm has relied on other organisations in its ecosystem to help develop its growth in recent years.

“As an organisation, Airwallex could not have achieved what it has today if not for the players within our ecosystem,” he said.

Airwallex is just one of many firms operating in the online money transfer sector – if you would like to know more about what these firms are doing, head over to our reviews pages and see what features they offer.

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