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  • Entris Banking, which is based in Switzerland, will partner with the company Bottomline as part of a push to improve its digital offer.
  • The new arrangement will see improved conditions for customer onboarding, along with some other changes.
  • “This will allow Entris Banking to offer its customers an efficient and future-proof payment hub, which will be ready for the challenges ahead, such as the introduction of instant payments in Switzerland,” said Entris Banking’s chief executive officer.

Entris Banking, a technology provider working in the cross-border payments and financial messaging space, has announced that it has chosen a payment connectivity platform.

Entris Banking said that it will work alongside Bottomline, which is a software-as-a-service (Saas) connectivity system.

The new arrangement will see customers provided with more options when it comes to both local and global payments.

Entris Banking, which is headquartered in Switzerland, has over 40 banks as its clients.

It recruited Bottomline after it found that it needed a tech collaborator that had expertise in global and national payment frameworks in Switzerland.

Bottomline will help Entris Banking during its ongoing commitment to digital change and boost the onboarding process for new customers.

It will also ensure that the behind-the-scenes work is able to be performed well, and will offer some centralisation functions.

In a statement, Juerg Gutzwiller – who serves as the chief executive officer of Entris Banking – said that the move was happening against a shifting backdrop in the Swiss payments sector.

He claimed that it represented an “important step”.

“In light of the evolving payments industry in Switzerland, the switch to Bottomline’s SaaS-based payment connectivity platform will be an important step ahead,” he explained.

He went on to say that Bottomline’s “modular technology” was a big part of its appeal to the firm.

“We selected Bottomline because of its modular technology, the comprehensive support and its international payment experience,” he said.

He also pointed out that the move allowed for some future-proofing to take place.

“This will allow Entris Banking to offer its customers an efficient and future-proof payment hub, which will be ready for the challenges ahead, such as the introduction of instant payments in Switzerland,” he concluded.

For Bottomline, meanwhile, the managing director of Financial Messaging in Switzerland said that the firm wanted to help people focus on their business leadership.

Daniel Bardini explained that his company wasn’t only focused on collaborations, but was also committed to processes of simplification.

“For us, it’s not only about collaborating with financial institutions to deliver technology and innovation that will meet their payment needs. It’s also about doing all we can to help simplify their processes, leaving them free to focus on running and growing their own business,” he said.

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