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Smart Aussies make big savings sending money abroad by using a money transfer provider

Transferwise launches its borderless account with a debit card and in a recently commissioned research report, identified that Aussies are unaware of the full costs involved in sending money abroad OFX also found in a study that customer stuck with transferring money through their bank because they didn’t think that the savings on offer would be significant enough Savings can run into thousands of dollars when making large international money transfers by partnering with a money transfer company
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World Remit facilitates instant cash transfers for Cambodians abroad

World Remit, the popular international money transfers company, offers Cambodians living a broad a fast solution for money remittances from over 50 countries. Customers can send a cash transfer from their mobile app, allowing for a convenient and quick transfer method. Great example of increasing partnerships within fintech that bring cheaper international money transfer solutions to customers rather than sticking with the traditional banking network.
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Alipay broadens its global reach with several new international launches

Six payment Services link up to provide acceptance of Alipay in Davos, Switzerland, while Israel becomes the first country in the Middle East to accept payments in store from the app. Talks continue to push acceptance of the mobile wallet amongst New Zealand retailers and even financial institutions while Alipay has linked up with Global Tax Free to deliver good sales tax refunds to Chinese visitors whilst spending in Singapore.
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Cost is a driving factor that customers elect to use alternative financial services

Banks and other financial providers sign up with Motive Partners to create digital financial services of the future. Open banking offers customers an easier framework in which to manage their financial services and find better priced options. Customers who make international money transfers with an alternative money transfer provider make big cost savings.
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Westpac unveils more flexible payment solutions in a bid to keep Millennials happy

Payments functionality launched that allows customers to make money transfers through iMessage. Westpac have launched a suite of more flexible payment options recently, including a link up with Alexa and Beem. Banks are still the most expensive way to send money internationally, many money transfer companies offer similar flexible timesaving payment options at a fraction of the cost.
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