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How to use the locator function:

Enter a location (a city ideally) in the text box next to the magnifying glass and choose a suggestion from the drop down list. If there are no suggestions, try a different location. Then, click the Search button.

Search results will appear on the map as a colored dot that represents a cluster of money transfer companies with the number of companies overlayed.

Click on any dot to drill-down into the cluster. Keep doing this until you can see individual locations as pins on the map. Alternatively, you can click on a "More Details" button next to a location listed; on the left navigation bar.

Click on a pin to view a money transfer company location details page that lists a phone number, address and hours of operation (where available) and from which you can do the following:

  • Get and print directions
  • Email yourself the location details
  • Send a money transfer inquiry
  • Conduct a separate money transfer search