Sending money to Hawaii,the USA

Foreign Currency Transfers from USA

Send Money from Hawaii, USA



There are a number of options when sending money from Hawaii.

Whatever your needs you are sure to find a service that meets your requirements, including:

    • Foreign Exchange specialists
    • Online transfers from bank account or credit card
    • Money Transfer Organizations
    • Money orders, available at banks and post offices
    • Banking services including checks, debit cards, electronic transfers and stored value cards
    • Low cost wire transfers from the post office and selected banks
    • Credit Unions offering wire transfers to Credit Unions worldwide

Questions to Ask

When sending money overseas, always ask:

    • How much will it cost to make the transfer?
    • What will the exchange rate be to convert your U.S. dollars into the currency of the overseas country?
    • What is the method of transfer?
    • How do the recipients receive the money? What ID do they need?
    • Are there any additional charges for either the sender or the recipient?


Sending Money to the USA


The money transfer services we list for sending money to the USA are not only ranked by fees and exchange rates (value for money) but other factors are taken into account - speed, customer feedback,'s experience with a specific company - so those that appear higher in the search results in ours and our visitors opinion generally offer a better overall service.

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