Apologies to all our visitors, but as our aim is to champion the best options for sending money overseas, I am asking for your help to champion a cause that is affecting me. If the same issue is or has affected you, please can you visit my own campaign against Crest Nicholson by visiting and signing up to the petition at the following link http://problemswithcrestnicholson.wordpress.com/

I am sure that we are one of many victims of the poor finishing and workmanship carried out by Crest Nicholson. In our area alone (all houses around five years old), Peeling walls courtesy of Crest Nicholsonthere are a large number of houses similar to ours (Wentworth II) that have the outside paintwork peeling from the walls not in isolated places but

accross all exterior walls and in addition the window fittings on the front of the house a crumbling away. Since we have passed the three year cover offered by Crest Nicholson our only hope was to try NHBC…. Failed, the defects were considered decorative, which I suppose they are, but at the same time you would expect some sort of action to at least fix the windows – but the cost to repair these falls under the minimum amount of £800 that NHBC afford to their cover. It feels like a lost cause and I think it is tantamount to criminal that Crest Nicholson will not accept responsibility for such bad work.

Peeling wallsI have included some photos, which do not refelct the enormity of the problem.

So the long and short of it all is that nothing is being doen by either Crest Nicholson or NHBC and we are left with a house (I had it valued today) worth less that what was paid for it 5 years ago.

What can we do?

I have created this blog for people in a similar situation to ours to have a voice. If you have experiences and gripes or have had different problems with Crest Nicholson, please register for this blog and leave your comments, your registration will count towards a list of names (petition) that I will be submitting to Crest Nicholson. I will also be conducting polls and other tools to eventually present to Crest Nicholson as well as the local and national press.