If you're on the lookout for a unique travel experience, then you won't go far wrong by booking a trip to the Canadian province of Quebec in early February.

That's because the intriguing travel destination is set to host the 59th edition of the Quebec Winter Carnival from February 1st onwards.

The province is a well-known tourist destination and is sure to see a spike in numbers through the duration of the carnival, which will feature an international ice sculpture competition, winter camping and a snow pentathlon.

"This year more than ever, the Carnival will confirm its significant role as a unique worldwide festive winter event," commented Jean Pelletier, the executive director of the Quebec Winter Carnival.

"We will take the city by storm and light it up so that the Carnival becomes a large gathering not to be missed!"

The Carnival won the Tourist Event or Attraction of the Year at the 29th Fideides Gala in 2012.

Posted  by Huw Jenkins